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Understanding the different tabs in your Trading bot

This tutorial provides an overview of the various tabs on your Dashboard and their functionalities, helping you navigate your trading bot account effectively.

Dashboard Tabs


The Dashboard tab presents a comprehensive overview of your bot's activities and performance. For more info, click here.


Under the Configuration tab, you'll find four essential categories:

  • Baseconfig

The Baseconfig acts as the core intelligence of your bot. It governs buying and selling actions unless overridden by Config Pools, Signalers, or Triggers. There are three types of Baseconfig settings: General, Buying, and Selling. To learn how to set up your trading bot, click here.

  • Config Pools

Config Pools contain specific buy and sell settings for selected currencies. Utilizing Config Pools allows you to override Baseconfig settings for particular currencies. For instance, you can apply different strategies or sell settings for highly volatile currencies to maximize profits. In this tab, you can view, create, configure, and delete your Config Pools.

  • Signals

The Signals tab displays all the Signalers to which you are subscribed. Signals follow your Baseconfig settings, except for the enabled Signaler config settings. To learn how to set up a Signal, click here.

  • Triggers

Triggers involve event-based actions executed by your bot, potentially overriding Baseconfig or Config Pool settings. Here, you can access your Triggers, set them up, configure their parameters, and view your Trigger history.

Trade History

The Trade History tab offers an overview of all the trades executed by your bot. You can download and search through the trade history for analysis and record-keeping.


The Backtesting tab allows you to initiate a Backtest, enabling you to evaluate your trading strategies using historical market data. For more information on setting up a Backtest, click here.


Under the Statistics tab, you can access both your bot's performance statistics and global statistics for comparative analysis.


The Troubleshooter tab offers a valuable feature to check for common issues with your bot. Once the check is completed, you will receive an overview, helping you identify areas that require extra attention. For more information, click here.

By familiarizing yourself with these tabs and their functionalities, you can efficiently manage and optimize your trading bot's performance.

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