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What are Global Stats

This tutorial explains what Global Stats are.

Global Stats

Under the tab “Global Stats” you will find statistics about the quote currency and the exchange you’re using for your bot. If you use multiple exchange and/or quote currencies, you see different Global Stats in your bots. The Global Stats are updated daily.

Buys and sells

Shows a comparison of the buys versus the sells.

Profits based on sell triggers

Shows which trigger caused the most profit or loss. Profits based on buy triggers. Shows where the buys are from. It can be Strategies, Signals, DCA, etc.

Daily profits

Shows the profit on a daily basis.

Average Holding Times

Shows how a long a currency was hold. It’s shown on an average.

Average profits per coin

Shows the average profit per currency.

Most Traded coins

Shows the currencies that have been traded the most.

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