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How to set up a Config Pool

This tutorial shows you how to set up a Config Pool.


Before you begin, check the following:

Set up a Config Pool

  1. Go to your Cryptohopper account.
  2. Go to the bot where you want to add a Config Pool.
  3. Click “Configuration”.
  4. Click “Config Pools”.
  5. Click “Add Config Pool”.
  6. Fill in the “Basic settings”.
  7. Fill in the “Buy settings”.
  8. Fill in the “Strategy”.
  9. Fill in the "Trailing Stop-Buy”. This tab is optional.
  10. Fill in the Sell settings”.
  11. Fill in the Sell strategy”. This tab is optional.
  12. Fill in the Stop-Loss”. This tab is optional.
  13. Fill in the “Trailing Stop-Loss”. This tab is optional.
  14. Fill in the “Auto close”. This tab is optional.
  15. Fill in the “Dollar Cost Averaging”. This tab is optional.
  16. Click “Save”.

For an in-depth explanation of all settings, click here.

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