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What are the settings for Auto Sync

This tutorial explains the settings for Auto Sync.

Settings Auto Sync

Auto Sync

To enable Auto Sync, simply switch the toggle. When this feature is activated, your bot will automatically sync any open positions on the exchange that are not currently being managed by the bot.

Note: Be cautious when using this option if you have multiple bots operating on your exchange account to avoid potential conflicts and unintended consequences.

All Allowed Coins

This setting allows you to synchronize all the currencies that you have previously selected in your Baseconfig. By activating the toggle, your bot will automatically sync positions for all the currencies listed in your Baseconfig.

Selected Coins

With this option, you have the flexibility to choose specific currencies that you want to be automatically synchronized. By selecting the desired currencies, your bot will ensure that positions for these specific currencies are continually updated and aligned with your exchange.

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