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What are the differences between Paper Trading and trading with real money

In this tutorial, we will explain the key distinctions between Paper Trading and trading with real money.


Scan TA

In Paper Trading, the Technical Analysis (TA) scan of your strategy is conducted every 10 minutes. However, the frequency of TA scans varies based on your subscription when trading with real money. Hero subscription users enjoy a 2-minute scan interval, while Adventurer subscribers have a 5-minute interval. Explorer subscription holders have a 10-minute interval for their TA scans. Additionally, Paper Trading bots always offer 2 triggers, regardless of the subscription type you're using.


When trading with real money, the volume of trades is influenced by the supply and demand dynamics of the exchange. If there are no buyers or sellers willing to transact at your desired price, your order may remain unfilled. On the other hand, Paper Trading offers infinite volume. Your bot monitors price changes and ensures your order gets filled. Consequently, an order that is successfully executed in paper trading may not be filled when using real money.


Trading with real money involves connecting your bot to your exchange, where it utilizes the funds available in your exchange account. In contrast, Paper Trading requires you to deposit simulated funds into your account specifically for testing purposes.

API Keys

To trade with real money, you need to connect your Cryptohopper account to your exchange using API Keys. These keys allow seamless integration and trade execution. Conversely, when engaging in Paper Trading, there is no requirement to connect to your exchange using API Keys.


By understanding the disparities between Paper Trading and trading with real money, you can tailor your strategies accordingly. It is important to consider factors such as TA scan intervals, volume limitations, fund allocation, and API key usage, as they significantly impact your trading experience. Being aware of these distinctions will help you make informed decisions and navigate the intricacies of both Paper trading and live trading effectively.

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