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How to troubleshoot your Trading bot

This tutorial shows you how to troubleshoot your Trading bot.


Before you begin, check the following:

How to troubleshoot your Trading bot

There are 2 ways to troubleshoot your Trading bot:

  1. Go to your Cryptohopper account.
  2. Select the Trading Bot.
  3. Click Troubleshooter in the menu.
  4. A pop up will be shown, check if you have any red crosses. If so, you can check in here what you can do to fix it.

![]( image.PNG)


  1. Check if your bot has a subscription assigned to it.
  2. Make sure your bot is enabled. You can check this on your Dashboard.
  3. Check your API Keys and make sure your bot is correctly connected to your exchange.
  4. Check your funds.
  5. Check if there’re any errors in the Output. You can find the Output on your Dashboard.

What does the Troubleshooter check

If the bot is enabled

When your bot is disabled, it’s not scanning the market.

If buying and selling are enabled

When buying and/or selling is disabled, it’s not buying or selling the opportunities the bot is finding.

It checks for errors in the config

When you have errors in your config, you will find it here.

If your bot is able to retrieve balances/assets

When your bot is not able to retrieve balances/assets, you will see it here.

If you have enough funds for the minimum buy amount you configured

When you don’t have enough funds for the minimum buy amount, the Troubleshooter will let you know. If you’re using a Paper Trading bot, you can use this article to deposit fake funds in your account.

If you have unsynched positions

If there’re positions in your exchange that are not showing on your Cryptohopper Dashboard, the Troubleshooter will tell you. For more information on where to find your assets and how to synchronize your positions, see this article.

If you have a Strategy or Signals configured

You need a Strategy or Signals, otherwise your bot won’t work.

If you have any errors in your Output

The Troubleshooter will tell you if you have any errors in your Output. For an overview of the errors and solutions, click here.

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