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What are the different sources for your Algorithm Intelligence Strategy

In this article, we explain the different settings for your A.I.


You can add 4 different Sources to your Algorithm Intelligence. You can use mutliple Sources. So not only Signals or only Trend Strategies. You can use both or another combinations you like.


You can add your Signal subscriptions. The Algorithm Intelligence will use it as a source for a buy or sell signal.

Signal Strategies

Add your own Strategy or a Strategy from the Marketplace. Make sure to check if the Strategy is designed to send buy or sell signals.

Trend Strategies

These Strategies differ from the Strategies explained above. Trend Strategies continuously send buy signals in an uptrend, sell signals in a downtrend and, no signals in a neutral trend. It's not mandatory to add Trend Strategies to your Algorithm Intelligence.


Add signals to your Algorithm Intelligence with TradingView alerts.

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