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What to find on the Template’s page

This tutorial explains what you can find on the Template’s page.

Templates page


Here you can find a lot of information to see if the Template is the right fit for you. Make sure to check if the Exchanges the Template shows matches your exchange. If not, you won’t receive any Signals for your exchange.


Here you can find what other trades think of the Template.

Extra information

Important: Marketplace Sellers and Signalers are not allowed to manage your account fully. Never share your API Keys as well as password for safety reasons. Most sellers offer support through various channels, including email (however, they are not required to). Please use screenshots only and do not provide them with the password to your account when in touch with them.

If you are unsure of the level of support, you can always contact them before purchasing their service. You find the contact details by clicking on any of their items in the Marketplace.

If you like the Template, make sure to leave a rating!

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