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What is Toridion Quantabotics

In this article, we explain what Toridion Quantabotics is and how it works.

What is Toridion Quantabotics

The Quantabotics Cryptohopper integration combines powerful applications to help you build your own trading signal service and automated Cryptohopper trading robot.

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How does Toridion Quantabotics work

The Quantabotics connects to Toridion Finance API Key. It takes current market positions and trends of multiple forex and crypto pairs. It will scan approximately 3 years of data to offer historic statistical analysis in split seconds. Using this information the API produces statistics on both past performance and recent volumetric change. It offers customizable BTC trend forecasts with user-defined accuracy levels. The Quantabot can also be used to set rules and conditions on the statistical historic accuracy, volatility, and calculated forecast direction of the data sources. Using these rules your Quantabot can place trades on your bot automatically. Quantabotics has 2 options:

The Switcher

Is an easy way to automatically load different trading templates into your bot when the markets change and you are unable to get to your computer. For example, you have 3 very different strategies for Bull, Neutral and Bear markets which change manually when the markets change. But what if you can’t get to a computer? This is where the Switcher steps in! With 3 definable Cryptohopper template options, the Switcher watches market conditions and automatically loads the template you have defined as best suited for that market condition.

The Volatility Protect

Is developed for traders who principally trade with BTC as the quote currency. They are interested in the accrual of BTC and not particularly fiat currency. The ethos of this trigger is to protect you against large price swings. By preventing your bot from buying in or selling out during volatile market conditions where the final fill price may differ greatly from the requested one. The Volatility protect trigger calculates the market conditions every hour and considers the statistical forecast for the “next hour”. In simple terms, if BTC/USD is volatile and the forecast for BTC is to go UP or DOWN in the next hour then perform a preselected action from those available.

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