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What is the Cryptohopper Marketplace

In this article, we explain what the Cryptohopper Marketplace is.

What is the Marketplace

The Marketplace offers everything for traders. You can buy or download different services to automate your trading. When you’re a beginner you find Signals, Templates, and Strategies. When you’re an experienced trader you can sell your knowledge. Go to the Marketplace by clicking here.

  • Signals, a third-party analyst that tells your bot which currencies to buy and when. For more information about Signals, click here. You find Signals in the Marketplace by clicking here.

  • Templates, preconfigured bots that have the settings already set up for you. For more information about Templates, click here. You find Templates in the Marketplace by clicking here.

  • Strategies, a set of Technical Indicators that determine when your bot should buy or sell. For more information about Strategies, click here. You find Strategies in the Marketplace by clicking here.


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