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What are apps

In this article, we explain what Apps are.

What is an App

Apps are third-party applications that you can use in combination with Cryptohopper. These apps increase the functionality of Cryptohopper.

They communicate with our API, just like we communicate with your exchange's API. You give the app access to retrieve your data in Cryptohopper. Always be careful which apps you grant access to. We are selective in which ones are offered on our app store but always do your own due diligence.

Some of the most popular apps on our platform are the integration with TradingView, the mobile app, Crypto Tweeter, the Telegram bot, and Zapier.

Are you a developer and interested in building apps for the Cryptohopper App Store? Click here for more information. When applying, describe your idea as well as possible. So we follow up on you quickly. We're open to all kinds of ideas, whether algorithms, trading features, education, or add-ons that improve the user experience.

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