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I do not receive emails from Cryptohopper

This tutorial explains what to do if you are not receiving emails from Cryptohopper, whether during login or for Affiliate and Marketplace Seller income emails.

Why don’t I receive emails from Cryptohopper

There could be several reasons why you don’t receive emails from Cryptohopper. The primary reason is that your email provider may have blocked the domain or Cryptohopper’s outgoing email provider’s IP address.

What can I do to receive emails from Cryptohopper

Please follow these steps if you are not receiving emails from Cryptohopper:

  1. Check whether you have fully opted out of receiving emails from Cryptohopper in your user profile. You can find this setting under the “Notifications” tab. Disable this setting.
  2. Whitelist,, and in your email service. Instructions on how to do this may vary by email provider. It can take a couple of hours before the our domain is whitelisted.
  3. Contact Cryptohopper support to check if your email provider has blocked their emails. If so, reach out to your email provider to unblock the domain or the IP address provided by Cryptohopper.
  4. Another less favorable solution and last resort is to use another email address for Cryptohopper. Initiate the email change in your user profile and contact Cryptohopper support. While we understand this may not always be the optimal solution, continue reading for alternative steps to start receiving emails again.

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