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What are extra rules for Marketplace Sellers

This tutorial shows you the extra rules for Marketplace Sellers.

Extra information

Terms and Conditions

This page outlines the rules you must adhere to as a Marketplace Seller. Breaking any of the rules outlined on the page will result in a warning and a ban.

General Pointers

  1. Be truthful. Always tell the truth and don't make promises you can’t keep. Do not state "2% daily profit guaranteed" if you can’t stay true to it.
  2. Be contactable. New traders usually like to contact Marketplace Sellers and ask for more information about the products. So leaving your email, Discord group, or Telegram group is always a good idea.
  3. Be civil in your conversations with the users and help them grow as traders. They will appreciate it.
  4. Be responsible for your Signals, and do your best to send out quality Signals.

Minimum trading volumes to trade

Marketplace Sellers can only trade trading pairs that have sufficient trading volume. You can check the trading volumes here.

Minimum trading volumes for all exchanges:

  • Default minimum trading volume: 40.000 in USD
  • HitBTC & Bittrex: 20.000 in USD
  • Poloniex & Coinbase: 25.000 in USD

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