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What is the Exclusivity Program

Dear signalers and marketplace sellers,

Thank you for being part of the Cryptohopper community. Traders like you are an important part of Cryptohopper and play a significant role in helping new traders on their adventure. If you are not yet selling your products on our platform, you can apply by clicking here.

We have created the Exclusivity Program to help out and work on a closer basis with Signalers and Marketplace sellers who only sell their products on Cryptohopper.

We offer many benefits to our exclusive Signalers and Marketplace Sellers, including:

  1. Getting to keep 85% of the funds you generate instead of 70%.
  2. Getting featured on the front page of our marketplace.
  3. Help you get more exposure.
  4. Shoutout in social media for good performance.
  5. A total of 3 accounts for exclusive signalers instead of 2.
  6. You can have the description of your products checked for free by our editor.
  7. Access to Cryptohopper's API, which you can use to build your own app.
  8. A channel in our Discord server.
  9. Many more benefits to come shortly!

The requirements for becoming exclusive are the following:

  1. The signals offered, the strategy, and the templates are all to be sold exclusively at Cryptohopper.
  2. The signaler's/marketplace seller's brand is exclusively on Cryptohopper (you can have your own social media and website, but you cannot sell your signals there or promote other brands).

If you are interested in becoming an exclusive marketplace seller or signaler, please send an email to Mihai at

We look forward to working together with you on a closer basis!

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