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What are the branding requirements

Having a positive brand image is essential for the success of any company, including signalers and marketplace sellers. Your logo and promo images serve as examples of your brand's tone, aesthetic, and values. Therefore, we have created requirements for marketplace sellers and signaler logos, promos, and profile pictures in order to keep the image professional.

A strong logo helps your brand stand out and appeal to users, as well as make your products more visible. This, in turn, increases the click-through rate, which leads to higher sales.

Let's have a look at our requirements and how you can create a strong brand to meet them:

1. Logo type:

Cryptohopper strongly recommends marketplace sellers and signalers to use real pictures of themselves. Having a picture of yourself in addition to your brand displays confidence to your clients as they can see you are a real person and you don't have anything to hide.

2. Quality:

Whether you choose to upload a picture of yourself or create an abstract logo, you must make it of high quality. If you upload a photo of yourself, make sure to use a good camera, have good lighting, and appear as professional as possible.

If you create an abstract logo, make sure it is unique, pixelated, and doesn't have any watermarks.

3. Space around the logo:

If you use a real photo, make sure that there is enough space around you and that you do not appear cramped in. Make sure not to cut part of your head out of the picture.

Should you choose to use an abstract logo, make sure to have sufficient clear space around it, to let it breathe and prevent its clarity and visual impact from being obstructed.

4. Colors:

Real photos: For photos to look colorful and full of life, make sure to use good lighting. Natural lightning usually looks the best, as it doesn't create shadows as apparent. You can also edit colors by making them more visible with a picture editor such as photoshop. However, again the base foto will need good lighting to make it look better.

Abstract Logos:

  • Usually brands choose their colors based on these criteria:
  • One light color to use as the background
  • One darker color for the text
  • One neutral shade that goes with everything
  • One-color that catches the eyes. This should be your primary color and present in all aspects of your branding. Some examples of this include blue for Facebook, red for Netflix, and green for Spotify.

5 Size:

Yes, size matters when it comes to images, whether they are profile pictures, logos, or promos. Logo images on Cryptohopper have to have a mandatory size of 600px X 430px. Promo images need to be 1200px X 450px.

To make images look professional, they have to be made keeping this size in mind. For example, creating a 300px X 300px image and then resizing it to fit the mandatory size of 600px X 430px will look very bad as it would stretch the image.

6. Symbols

While our customers choose to use Cryptohopper to increase their funds, putting monetary symbols such as $ or € in your abstract logos is not usually a good idea as it can make your brand look scammy. Therefore we would like to step away from this premise.

If you want to restyle your brand, we can put you in contact with a professional designer. If you are interested, please send an email to

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