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Cancelling your subscription

Cancelling your subscription

Though we are very sad to see you go, we fully understand that circumstances can cause you to stop using CH. This is why we make cancelling your subscription easy!

Cancelling with Cryptocurrency

There is currently no way to automatically charge through a cryptocurrency payment system, meaning there are no steps to undertake except for, well, stop sending us crypto. Once the billing date rolls around, your hopper will be idle and won't start working until payment is received.

Cancelling with Paypal

Because paypal does allow for recurring charges, cancelling a Paypal subscription takes a bit more work.

First, navigate to Paypal’s website and log into your account.

From there, find your "pending and pre-approved payments".

Once you have found your pre-approved payment, you can simply click the cancel button. We are now no longer allowed to charge your account and will not do so.

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