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What is on the Dashboard for the Market Making bot

This tutorial shows what you can find on the Dashboard for the Market Making bot.

What to find on the Market Making Dashboard

The Chart

Draw directly in your chart and check your indicators.

The Orderbook

This is a drag-and-drop book. You see your live orders in it and drag them to the new position. Enable the "Manual Market Makers" if you want your manual buy/sell orders linked together. This is great if you're going to track if you're making a profit or not.

Open Orders

You're trading illiquid markets, so your orders are probably staying open for a more extended period.


Keep track of your Market Makers orders (buy/sell orders tied together) to see if they will make a profit. Manage unsuccessful orders in the backlog to keep track, when an order isn't successful.

Market Trend

If you've configured a strategy, the market trend will be automatically updated. You can set it manually yourself as well.

Start balance

Make sure that you have enough funds in both currencies of your pair! So if you're trading VRAB/BTC, then you need both BTC and VRAB. Reset the start balance when you start for an optimal profit calculation.

Manual Order

Place a manual order if you haven't got enough of one of the two currencies that you're Market Making.


This is the place where your bot is "speaking" to you. It will tell you if it encounters any errors or problems.

For more information about how to set up a Market Making bot, click here.

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