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Portfolio Management

In this article, we will explain how you can manage your portfolio with Cryptohopper.

Managing your portfolio with Cryptohopper.#

Cryptohopper allows you to easily manage your entire portfolio from one central place. Connect all your exchanges to your Cryptohopper account for a complete overview. There are two ways of managing your Cryptohopper account, simple and advanced.


If you just want to track what you already have, there’s actually not much you have to do. Just switch your bot to see your positions. You can access the stats page to see how a bot is performing. Sell positions directly from your dashboard if you need to. For more information about the dashboard click here.

Regular cryptohopper dashboard


This view offers everything that your exchange has, but it makes it way easier to track your investments since your positions are also shown. For more information about the advanced view click here.

Advanced cryptohopper dashboard

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