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Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.)

In this article, we explain what Algorithm Intelligence is and how it works.

What is Algorithm Intelligence?#

Our Algorithm Intelligence works like an automatic Backtester. It analyzes all provided strategies and selects the one that performs best in the current market. It's as close to a set-and-forget solution as it gets.

How does Algorithm Intelligence work?#

Your Algorithm Intelligence will rate both the market trend and signal Strategies with an accuracy score. You determine how high the score must be on a signal before the bot may follow it. The bot will automatically follow signals coming from the Strategy with the highest accuracy!

Two things are crucial to creating good Algorithm Intelligence:

  1. Have several accurate market trend analysis Strategies that help your Algorithm Intelligence analyze the trend of a market. Build them yourself or download them from the Marketplace.
  2. Feed it with many Strategies for buy/sell signals, Signals from Signalers or TradingView Alerts.

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