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What is our question base?

In this article, we explain what our question base is and explain how it works.

What is our question base?#

Our question base is a forum where you can post and reply to questions. Our support staff also provides answers. Click here to go to the question base.

question base 1

How to ask a question in the question base?#

Important: your question is visible to all Cryptohopper users. Don’t post any personal data, like your API Keys, passwords, etc.

Asking a question.

Type your question in the search bar and click “Ask Question”. Fill in the required fields like the categories. It helps to improve the search functionality. Important: do not add more than 2 categories.

question base 2

Browse through questions.

Click on a category to see all the questions in a specific category. Check out the Trending questions.

Answering questions.

Answers questions to help other users. Answer the most questions and your username will be on the leaderboard. To answer a question click on the question. Write a short answer. Include screenshots, images, videos, and columns.

question base 3


Click “Discover” to see a list of trending questions, latest questions, most answered questions, popular questions, unanswered questions, unanswered questions looking for help, featured questions, and the leaderboard.

question base 4


Click “Manage” to see previously received notifications, questions, answers, and email alerts.

question base 5

Below you find an example of a question that is answered by the user who originally posted the question. On the right side, you see additional information.

question base 6

Below is another example of a question that is answered.

question base 7

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