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What is the Bulk Bot Manager

This article explains what the features of the Bulk Bot Manager can do.


What is the Bulk Bot Manager

The Bulk Bot Manager is a powerful tool that enables simultaneous management of multiple bots. It caters to the needs of fund managers, Marketplace Sellers, and power users who require efficient handling of various bots. Instead of individually checking each bot, the Bulk Bot Manager allows you to make changes to the Baseconfig settings for all your bots at once. You can also modify open position settings for specific currencies or manage all subscriptions simultaneously. The following sections briefly describe the three tabs within the Bulk Bot Manager.


The Trade tab empowers you to execute actions like buying, selling, or implementing Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) for specific currencies across all bots simultaneously. Furthermore, you can utilize features such as order cancellation, panic mode, position synchronization, and enabling buying and selling in multiple bots.


The Config tab provides settings for modifying the Baseconfig and position configurations. The position config allows you to adjust settings for open positions related to a particular currency. Additionally, the Config tab allows you to deploy and save templates, as well as create, clone, or delete bots.


In the Subscriptions tab, you can assign, unassign, purchase, renew, or cancel bot subscriptions. Additionally, it provides the ability to assign signal subscriptions to your bots.

By utilizing the Bulk Bot Manager, you can streamline and enhance the management of your bots, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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