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What is troubleshooting your Market Arbitrage bot


The first thing to check is your subscription. Do you have a Hero subscription? If not, you can buy a subscription here. If you have a subscription make sure it’s attached to the right bot. For more information on how to assign a subscription, click here.

Enable your bot

Check if your bot is enabled. You can find this on your Dashboard.

The first toggle

Shows if your bot is enabled or not. When your bot is disabled, no information will be received from the exchange or will be sent to your exchange. Meaning your bot is not working, because no information can be retrieved from your exchange.

The second toggle

Is not relevant if you use the Market Arbitrage bot.

The third toggle

Shows if the Market Arbitrage is enabled or not. If enabled your bot automatically buys and sells based on your Baseconfig. If disabled no trades will open.


API Keys

The next thing that you could check is the API Keys. We have documentation on how to connect your bot to your exchange. For more information, click here. We recommend you follow the tutorial for your exchange. Every exchange has a different setup so it’s important to check out the correct tutorial.

If you don't see errors regarding your API Keys in the Output your bot is connected to your exchange. If you do see error messages, check what you have done incorrectly.


Check your funds. You see the funds of your bot on the Dashboard. We recommend owning at least 2 quote currencies and multiple other currencies. The Market Arbitrage bot functions on 1 exchange. So you don’t have to hold funds on other exchanges. The Market Arbitrage bot does work on multiple exchanges. It will execute trades where the profits are the highest.


Make sure you have configured your Baseconfig. Make sure you fill in the amounts under Coins and amounts


We recommend using a percentage sell amount between 5 and 20%. This ensures there will be enough funds to perform another trade for the same trading pair. By using smaller amounts, you increase the chances that the bot will continue trading. This helps to balance out the amount you own on both exchanges. So you don't have to move funds manually between exchanges. Sometimes 1 exchange always shows cheaper prices while another shows higher prices. When this happens, you need to move funds manually. It's not possible to use 100% as a configured sell amount.

Make sure to select a minimum amount per market (Quote currency).



Check the Output. The bot will follow your configuration. The Output shows you everything that your bot does or doesn’t do.



The Output can show multiple error messages. These messages tell you why the bot is or isn't doing something.

Output Error Messages Unable to retrieve orderbook from exchange. Solution: This is usually a temporary error, if you keep getting this message, please contact support.

Select a period in the Output from which you want to get more information. The maximum number of entries is 500. Select a shorter time frame if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Important: sometimes the same currency has two different abbreviations/symbols on different exchanges. In these cases, please contact support at

Do you need additional help with an error message? Please let us know by chatting with us or sending an email to

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