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What is on the dashboard for the Market Arbitrage bot

This tutorial explains what you can find on the Market Arbitrage Dashboard.

What to find on the Market Arbitrage Dashboard

Market Arbitrage Dashboard

Open orders

Here you find all the active orders that are currently being used by the bot. If the bot is in the middle of an arbitrage trade, it will show it here too.

Open Market Arbitrages and backlog

Market arbitrage backlog

Here you find all current open Market Arbitrages and the backlog.

Latest Market Arbitrages

Here you find what trades were made, and if they were successful or not.

Hopper enabled/disabled

You can enable or disable Exchange Arbitrage.

Market Arbitrage results

Latest arbitrage

Your bot scans the markets for Market Arbitrage opportunities and displays the results here. You can see if your settings are too tight and if your bot is properly configured.

Manual order

This is handy if you don't have enough funds for a certain currency. Place your manual order so your funds are sufficient in all selected markets.


Here you see what's on your exchange and if you've made a profit. Reset the balances when you start. It's the best way to track profits.


Here you see what’s on the different exchanges. Select the exchange to see the balance of that exchange.


This is the place where your bot is "speaking" to you. It will tell you if it encounters any errors or problems.

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