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What are the settings in the Exchange Arbitrage bot

This tutorial explains the settings for the Exchange Arbitrage bot.

Basic settings


Give your bot a name.

Max open time buy orders

Fill in how long your buy order should stay open on the exchange.

Max open time sell orders

Fill in how long your sell order should stay open on the exchange.


Paper trading

Switch the Paper Trading toggle if you want to trade with simulated funds. If you want to trade with real funds fill in the API Keys of at least two exchanges. You need two or more exchanges to do Exchange Arbitrage.


Notification on trade

Switch the toggle if you want to receive a notification when your bot made a trade.

Notification on trade error

Switch the toggle if you want to receive a notification when there’s a trade error.

Notify on canceled order

Switch the toggle if you want to receive a notification when an order is canceled.

Coins and amounts

Percentage sell amount

This is a percentage of your total funds. It will be your standard order size. Make sure that your orders are larger than the minimum order size of the exchanges. You can set different amounts per currency. Configure it under the Percentage Sell Amount.

Ignore different amounts

When this setting is enabled, and if the buy and sell amounts do not match because of decimal amount formatting at the exchange, then arbitrage will still continue with the different buy and sell amounts. This has a small impact on the profit/loss shown in your bot due to profit calculations.

Arbitrage amount per market

Fill in the amounts for each market. We recommend using "USD amount" in combination with "Prefill all markets" as all amounts will be converted in the coins shown.

Selected markets

You need to configure which currencies your bot needs to trade for Exchange Arbitrage. The currencies will only be loaded after you save. So make sure to save everything first! Now select the markets you want to trade. Remember that you need funds in the quote currency of these markets. You also need to own the currencies you're choosing, otherwise, your bot can't perform the Exchange Arbitrage. Click the save button again.


Try Paper Trading first so you know which trading pairs offer more trading opportunities.


  • When you select very illiquid trading pairs, there’s a high chance that your trades won’t be filled. You will be left with “bags”.
  • Using market orders on low-volume currencies can result in big losses. Your orders can fill a significant part of the order book.

Exchange Arbitrage settings

Minimum profit

Fill in the minimum profit. To make a profit take your fees into account.

Max open time Arbitrage

Fill in how long an Exchange Arbitrage should be open on your exchange. A small portion of your funds are reserved when an order is placed, so you want to cancel orders to have funds free to make other trades.

Max simultaneous Arbitrages

Fill in the amount of Exchange Arbitrage trades the bot can open. 1 Exchange Arbitrage is the same as 2 trades.

Order type

Select what order type your bot should use. Market orders will be filled immediately, but could result in lower profits or bigger losses. Especially when there’s low volume or high volatility in the market. Limit orders are orders for a specific price that take longer to fill.

Orderbook matching

Switch the toggle to check the order books of all markets and match orders with the order book.

Fill or kill

Switch the toggle to ensure both trades can be fully executed on both exchanges at the same time. If you don’t use Fill or kill, it can result in 1 of the 2 orders not being filled at the same time. This can result in losses because of fluctuations in the price on both exchanges.

Use buy rate

Select the buy rate.

Use sell rate

Select the sell rate.

Revert & backlog

The Revert & Backlog is a way to "keep" failed and canceled orders in a backlog, waiting to be traded again.

Let’s say your buy order succeeded, but your sell order failed. Move it to the backlog, so your bot can try it again. It also shows how you're performing and what your loss-making trades are. We recommend using this feature to improve your profitability and ensure you're not left with "bags".

Automatic merge backlog

Switch this toggle so your backlogs will be automatically merged together. For example, if you have multiple sell orders for the same currency that don’t get filled, they will be merged into 1 backlog position.

Move failed to backlog

Switch the toggle to automatically move failed or canceled Exchange Arbitrage orders to the backlog. We recommend using this feature as not all buy and sell orders will be filled immediately. It shows which orders usually don't get filled and helps you determine which coins to trade.

Automatic match backlog

Switch the toggle so orders in the backlog will automatically be matched if this results in a successful match. So same amounts, same price or profitable.

Revert canceled orders

Switch the toggle so canceled and failed Exchange Arbitrage orders will be reverted. For example, if a sell is successful and a buy order is canceled, the buy order will be placed again at a different price and the profit/loss will be recalculated.

Order type

Select the order type you want to use for reverting canceled orders.

Enable take profit

Switch the toggle if you want those “left-over” orders to make a profit.

Take profit %

Fill in the percentage profit you want to make with the “left-over” orders.

Only revert/retry with profit

Switch the toggle if you only want to revert/retry with a profit.

Maximum loss %

Fill in the percentage.

Enable Stop-Loss

Switch the toggle if you want the “left-over” orders to be sold when they go lower than the percentage configured.

Stop-Loss percentage

Fill in the percentage.

Use revert pricing

Select how you the bot to buy and sell your revert orders.

For more information, see our article about troubleshooting the Exchange Arbitrage bot

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