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What is on the Dashboard for the Copy Bot

This tutorial explains what is on the Dashboard for the Copy Bot.

What to find on the Copy bot Dashboard


It shows how much your portfolio is worth in your quote currency. You also see the average profits of closed trades on a specific day, week, or month.

Trades last 30 days

The statistics are based on the trades of the last 30 days.

Total trades

One trade is a filled buy or sell order.

Average profit per trade

Shows the average profit for all completed total trades over the last 30 days.

Best profit per trade

Shows the highest profit on a single trade.

Max drawdown

Shows the biggest loss since you started the Copy Bot.

Winning trades

Shows the number of trades completed with a profit.

Losing trades

Shows the number of trades completed with a loss.

W/L Ratio

Shows the ratio of winning trades divided by the losing trades.

Open orders

Show all the buy and sell orders of your Copy Bot. These orders come from the Marketplace Seller that you’re copying.

Open positions

Shows all your open positions. The info button shows additional information on your open positions. The action “Remove” allows you to exclude a position from your Copy Bot. The position you removed is still available on the exchange if you trade with real funds.

Summary open positions

Shows which currencies you’re trading, the total cost of all positions, the average result, the average age, and the number of open positions.

Latest 5 sells

Shows your 5 most recent sells. Their total value, result, sell trigger, and date. The view button gives additional information such as the buy order ID.


Shows the currencies you traded over the last 30- days, the average profit, highest profit, and lowest profit per currency.

Copy Bot Output

This is the place where your bot is "speaking" to you. It will tell you if it encounters any errors or problems. It also explains why the Copy bot is or isn’t able to buy or sell a currency. The error messages are most important to keep an eye on.

Copy bot enabled/disabled

When enabled the position’s profit and losses will be checked, and your buy en sell orders can be placed. When disabled the position’s profit and losses do not get updated. The Copy Bot will not place buy and sell orders. If you disable the Copy Bot, you will still own the currencies on your exchange.

Sell positions and stop

Here you can sell your positions and stop your Copy Bot subscription. There’re 2 options:

  • “Sell all & stop Copy Bot” will sell all your positions and stop your subscription. Be patience. The selling of all positions could take a few minutes or more. You can use “Use market orders” to speed up the process.
  • “Stop without selling” will only stop your subscription. You need to sell your positions manually on your exchange. Do note that stopping your subscription doesn’t mean the payments are stopped as well. When you have a recurring payment set up through the payment method you used you need to cancel the recurring payment. If you don’t do that you will be charged again next month.

You can use the remaining time of your subscription after you click on Sell positions and stop by going to the Marketplace, select the Copy Bot you’re subscribed to, and then select your subscription in the payment screen.

Current profit

Shows the difference between your “Start balance” and “Total in assets on exchange”. If you want to reset the Current profit, such as when you deposit extra funds on your exchange account, first change your “Start balance”.

Total in assets on exchange

Shows all the funds of your exchange that have a trading pair with your quote currency. If you manually buy other currencies on the exchange that don’t have a trading pair with your quote currency, keep in mind that the value won’t be taken into account.

Convert to (currency)

Here you can convert your currencies into your quote currencies.

Current assets

Shows all the currencies you currently own on the exchange.

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