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How does Cryptohopper's Affiliate Program work

In this article we explain how you can join Cryptohopper's Affiliate program and how our program works.

How to join our Affiliate program

An Affiliate program is an advertising model. A company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to products and services. You get paid to bring on new customers.

We offer a recurring affiliate payment. As long as a user you directed is subscribed to an Explorer, Adventure, or Hero subscription you receive payment. This includes monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions.

How does our Affiliate program work

We offer 3 different tiers:

  • You generate < $500 in monthly commissions, and you receive 10% on subscriptions.
  • You generate $500 - $1000 in monthly commissions, and you receive 12,5% on subscriptions.
  • You generate $1000 or more in monthly commissions, and you receive 15% on subscriptions.

For example, someone uses your Affiliate link. They buy a Hero subscription for $129. You’re in the highest tier. So you receive 15% of $129 = $19,35. You will receive this amount as long as the user is subscribed.

Up and downgrading between the tiers is done automatically.

The Affiliate link will remain in the browser for 30 days. When a user creates an account with your Affiliate ID we will link the account to your Affiliate link forever. When the user uses anti-tracking software or the browser's incognito mode, it will not result in a conversion.

You can find all terms of Cryptohopper's Affiliate Program here.

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