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Connect your Bot to Huobi

Creating your API key

Creating an API key is important, see it as a bridge between you and the exchange. Cryptohopper needs this bridge in order to do all the automated things you love such as, placing automated orders and reading your balance to do all sorts of calculations with.

Step one.

Go to the exchange website, and create an account if you haven't already. In this case, we are looking at Huobi.

Step two.

Create your API.

navigate to the API settings page, it can be find by clicking on the profile icon, and then clicking on API management

Huobi exchange pro Automated automatic trading bot platform crypto cryptocurrencies Cryptohopper bitcoin ethereum

Step three.

API settings.

Give your API key a nice memorable name such as "Cryptohopper API key". You have the option to bind an IP address. Keep this blank.

Withdrawal is an option given, but Cryptohopper doesn't need it to trade. So having it enabled would be a security risk! As a general rule of thumb. CH needs ALL settings except for withdrawal to trade correctly.

Step four.

Adding the API to Cryptohopper.

Navigate to your cryptohopper account and find the baseconfig. From there on out, you can click on the tab labeled "exchange".

Select your exchange, fill in your API key and you are done!

Huobi exchange pro Automated automatic trading bot platform crypto cryptocurrencies Cryptohopper bitcoin ethereum

Give the hopper a moment to link everything and your balance should be loaded.

Unable to see your exchange balance?

There are several things that prevents your hopper from synchronizing the funds of your exchange. In most cases, the browser that you use has "auto-fill" enabled. This means that the browser fills in certain text fields themselves. There are three things you can do:

  • Disable autofill,
  • Use incognito mode of your browser
  • Use a browser that you don't use often.
  • Another thing that could prevent your hopper from synchronizing are password managers, disable this for Cryptohopper.

And you're done! Check our community forum where users share their Hopper settings.

If you want more information about this subject, watch our Cryptohopper Academy video about this subject.

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