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Upgrading your subscription

Upgrading your existing subscription is super easy! For this example we will walk through an upgrade from Adventure to Hero.

As always, first things first. Navigating to the page. Click on the "subscriptions" tab in the left hand side of any page within Cryptohopper.

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Make sure that you are on the "active" page, as only subscriptions that are labeled active can be upgraded!

As a small side-note, please do be aware that changing your payment method is not possible. In order to change your payment method, you will need to set-up a completely new subscription, and scrap the old one.

From there on out you can click on the subscription you want to upgrade

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Once you select the subscription tier you want to upgrade into, you will be greeted with a familiar screen. The checkout screen!

Here, you will notice a discounted price for your new Hero subscription!

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The discount differs based on the subscription tier you are upgrading from, and the unused subscription time. Check out how the discount works below!

The way this pro-rate discount is calculated is as follows : Let's use an upgrade from adventure to hero as our example.

The adventure tier subscription is 49 dollars 49/30 = 1.63 This means that running an adventure tier subscription costs $1.63 per day. 99/30 = 3.30 this means that running a hero tier subscription costs $3.30 per day.

Say that you decide to upgrade after 5 days The difference between the two subscriptions is 50 dollars. ($3.30 5) - ($1.63 5) = $8.35

$50 - $8.35 = $41.65

If you decide to upgrade from adventure to hero 5 days into your adventure sub, you will be charged $41.65 Keep in mind that your subscription expiration date will not move.

A hand-full of users face issues when upgrading. Specifically when paying through paypal, users will set-up two recurring payments instead of one. This results in them having to pay twice! This is a known problem we are working hard to fix. We ask you not to file any disputes for these amounts, instead reach out to our support team! We will help you with the cancellation of your unwanted subscription, and process a full refund.

Downgrading your subscription#

Unfortunately downgrading to a lower tier subscription is not possible yet, As with anything exceptions justify the rule, shoot us a message, or create a ticket!

Our staff will more often than not help you out with downgrading your subscription, given that you have a valid reason.

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