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CH subscriptions explained

Cryptohopper offers a number of subscription offers for our users to choose from based on their needs, including "Pioneer", "Explorer", "Adventure" and "Hero".

In order to figure out which subscription is right for you, navigate to our pricing page. On the pricing page, you will see the following screen in front of you.

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The first thing that might catch your eye is the pricing toggle. It shows you what your monthly costs for the different subscription packages. The costs change depending on whether you are billed monthly or yearly. Cryptohopper offers three different bot types, and every bot type needs a separate subscription. The bot types include Automated Trading, Market Making, and Arbitrage. You're not limited to the number of subscriptions you want to use.

The key differences explained

There are a few key differences that set the subscription tiers apart from each-other.

Max positions: The maximum open positions is the maximum amount of concurrent trades the hopper can track at any given time. The main difference lies in the amount of positions that can be opened.

Max selected coins : The max selected coins are crypto your hopper is selling or buying. Your hopper is searching for the coins you have selected to find a profitable buy. The more selected coins you have, the higher the chance of finding a suitable buy (Not all exchanges offer the same coin selection).

Interval time : The interval time is a temporary cooldown period. The hopper gathers data from the exchange and checks to see if any of your allowed coins are a good fit for the trading criteria you set up. After all these checks, the hopper temporarily stops searching. This is the interval time. (Note that the interval time only affects your TA searching. Selling and signals are as near real-time as possible.)

Exchange arbitrage : The option to allow for exchange arbitrage starts at the adventure tier hopper. Did you know that the arbitrage hopper is a completely separate hopper type? It trades between market inefficiency on different exchanges.

Market arbitrage : The option to allow for Market arbitrage is a hero-tier only option. The arbitrage hopper is a separate hopper type that trades between market inefficiencies on the same exchange! With the hero tier hopper you will also be able to utilise the exchange arbitrage option.

Market Making: The market maker is a completely separate hopper type that is available for hero-tier hoppers only. This hopper type trades extremely quickly between two sides of a market, capitalizing on the spread between two coins.

Now that you know the differences between the hoppers, it is time to pick which one is right for you!

After finding the bot you like, it is time for the check-out process. If you need any help during check-out or are curious to see which payment methods CH support, follow us to the checkout page (link to payment methods item).

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