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How to Pay With Paddle?

Cryptohopper supports debit and credit card payments for VISA, American Express, and MasterCard through Paddle. This payment method makes it much easier for people worldwide to use Cryptohopper, and users do not need a Paddle account to access this feature. You can use Paddle for Hopper & Signaler subscriptions. This payment method is not eligible for purchasing Cryptohopper credits.

payment overview

Select the button that shows VISA, American Express, and Mastercard. Click on “Complete your order” and you will be redirected to a Paddle payment screen. The price you pay for a subscription can differ slightly here, as local taxes or VAT may apply.

paddle overview

When using Cryptohopper with a business account, you can add your VAT Number in this step. Next, select “Pay by Card”.

paddle overview

Enter your card information, then click “Subscribe now” and complete your subscription payment. The payments made on Paddle are recurring and will be removed from your card once your monthly or yearly subscription has ended.

paddle overview

After payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email and your subscription will be added to your account. You can view your subscription and assign it to your preferred Hopper template by going to “View all Hoppers” in the menu on the left, and clicking on “Subscriptions”.


Hopper subscriptions and Signaler subscriptions can be refunded two weeks after the payment has been made. If you want a refund, please get in touch with support ( and include your order ID, username, email address, and payment date in your message.

You will receive the refund within five days after Cryptohopper employees have performed the refund. You will also receive an email once the refund is processed.

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