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Read the Stats page

This tutorial shows you where and what you can find on the Stats page


Before you begin, check the following:?

  • You have a Cryptohopper account?
  • You have an Explorer, Adventure, or Hero subscription from Cryptohopper?
  • You have done a couple of trades with your Trading bot.

Where to find the Stats page#

  1. Log in to your Cryptohopper account.
  2. Click on the bot from which you want to see the Stats page.
  3. Click “Statistics”.

Your stats#

Buys and sells.

Shows a comparison of the buys versus the sells. In the example below you see on July 20th and July 21st there were more sells than buys.

Allocation of funds.

Shows the make-up of your portfolio. Important: hover over the chart to see the percentage.

Profit Stats.

Shows an overview of how your trading is going. You find the investment made, the returns, and the current profit and loss in the open positions. The example below was taken on a paper trading bot so no fees are shown.

Profits based on sell triggers.

Shows which trigger caused the most profit or loss. In the example below you see 44 sells with an average profit of 2.3%.

Profits based on buy triggers.

Shows where your bot is buying from. It can be Strategies, Signals, DCA, etc.

Daily profits.

Shows how much you made on a daily base.

Average Holding Times.

Shows how long you hold a coin. It’s shown on an average. In the example below you see a few coins that are bought and sold within the hour.

Average profits per coin.

Shows the average profit per coin.

Most Traded coins.

Shows the coins that have been traded the most.

Total In Assets.

Shows the growth of your portfolio in your quote currency.

The second tab of this chart shows your funds in USD. You can see the growth of your portfolio in USD.

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