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Marketplace Sellers & Signalers

This section outlines the rules you must adhere to as a signaler or marketplace seller. Breaking any of the rules outlined below will result in a warning and a ban.

  1. Do not promote outside services. Promoting services outside of what you offer on Cryptohopper is forbidden.
  2. Giving out false reviews is forbidden. Giving out good reviews to yourself or bad reviews to your competitors is prohibited.
  3. Be civil. Posting profanities, pornography, or otherwise unlawful material is strictly forbidden.
  4. Promoting competing services on Cryptohopper is forbidden.
  5. Undeserved criticism towards Cryptohopper on any platform is prohibited.
  6. Asking for donations from Cryptohopper users on or off the platform is not permitted.
  7. Do not select "all exchanges" if you do not actually send signals to all exchanges.
  8. Each signaler may benefit from a maximum of 2 accounts.
  9. Do not send scam, false or fake signals. A scam/fake signal is, for example, a signal sent right after a pump.
  10. Do not copy or mirror signals directly from other signal groups. (Leaking)
  11. You do not have and/or will not start a trading bot that can be regarded as a competitor of Cryptohopper.
  12. Cryptohopper reserves the right to block, remove, change, or deny a signaler without any notice.
  13. Cryptohopper reserves the right to update and change these Terms from time to time without notice.
  14. You will be responsible for your signals and you will do your best to send out quality signals.
  15. Provide a suitable description for your products.
  16. Be responsible for your strategies and templates which you sell, and do your best to create/sell quality strategies and templates.
  17. Do not sell scam, false, or bad templates and strategies. A bad template is, for example, a template with basic configurations.
  18. You will not use TeamViewer or any other such program to view the account of Cryptohopper users.
  19. Do not create a channel solely named Cryptohopper as it can create confusion, please create something like Capitaly Cryptohopper instead.
  20. Giving out incentives for reviews is not allowed, this includes payments, discounts, extra help, and free items.
  21. Withdrawals larger than $10,000 a month must be paid out via PayPal. Making 15 withdrawals of $2,000 is also not allowed

For exclusive signalers/marketplace sellers, there are two additional rules: 22. The signals offered, the strategy and the templates are all to be sold exclusively at Cryptohopper. 23. The signaler's/marketplace seller's brand is exclusively on Cryptohopper (you can have your own social media and website but you cannot sell your signals there, or promote other brands).

Not adhering to these two rules as an exclusive signaler/marketplace seller will result in a direct ban!

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