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Invite friends - Affiliate program

Trading is always more fun when you can discuss trading strategies with friends, or when you earn some extra money by spreading the word about your favorite automated crypto trading platform! Discover all possibilities to grow your discussion groups and earn passive income with Cryptohopper!

Recurring affiliate payments: Cryptohopper offers recurring affiliate payments as long as your directed users are subscribed to one of Cryptohopper's subscriptions. There is no end date! This applies to both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The more effort you put into promoting Cryptohopper, the higher your passive income will be. We offer three different affiliate tiers.

If you generate < $500 in monthly commissions, you will receive 10% on Hopper subscriptions.

If you generate $500 - $1000 in monthly commissions, you will receive 12.5% on all Hopper subscriptions.

With $1000 or more in monthly commissions, you will receive 15% on all Hopper subscriptions.

Keep in mind that upgrading and downgrading between these tiers will happen automatically.

Example: When someone uses your affiliate link to buy a Hero Hopper subscription while you're in the third (highest) tier, you will receive $14.99 every month as long as this user is subscribed.

Your affiliate link will remain in the user's browser for 30 days. When a user account has been created, Cryptohopper will link the account to your affiliate ID forever. So even when a user doesn’t use Cryptohopper for a year and starts using it again, you will still earn income! When the user uses anti-tracking software or the browser's incognito mode, it will not result in a conversion.

You can find all terms of Cryptohopper's Affiliate Program here.

Legitimacy Cryptohopper was established in September 2017. Check out our Chamber of Commerce details here.

How to become an affiliate of Cryptohopper? First of all, you need a Cryptohopper account. Create an account by filling in your email, username, full name, password. Additionally, you have to agree with Cryptohopper's terms of service, and it is recommended to subscribe to Cryptohopper's newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will always be up to date about new developments, which in turn could help you create new content!

Once you have created an account, you can scroll down in the menu on the left to discover the affiliate menu. Click on "Affiliate program" and then on "Accounts".

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Affiliate accounts#

We will explain the affiliate program's basics, what to keep in mind, and what all information means on the different affiliate tabs shown in your Cryptohopper account.

Affiliate accounts

New account: By clicking on New account, you can fill in a list of personal details to receive a new affiliate link. You can use the unique affiliate link for different social media channels, a new website, or a specific promotion to check its effectiveness. When someone clicks on your link, Cryptohopper will store a cookie in their browser. This is how Cryptohopper recognizes who bought a subscription based on your affiliate link. The standard affiliate link looks like this:

You can also use your affiliate ID, ?atid=00000, from the example above with all webpages of Cryptohopper, except for the Documentation. This also includes the marketplace, as it's possible to promote other marketplace sellers with your affiliate link. Example:

Keep in mind that the affiliate tiers are determined per affiliate ID. It will be beneficial to use one affiliate link and check what web pages users clicked on the most under "referrals".

Referrals: The referrals show how many times people have clicked on all your affiliate links. It's good to keep an eye on this when you want to check the impact of your channels. A list is shown with the name of the account (your affiliate link), datetime (when someone clicked your link), and which HTML5 banner, banner, or link someone clicked. Keep in mind that it takes time for new channels to take off due to the indexation of the channels you use to improve your exposure on these platforms.

Conversions: This shows how many conversions your own affiliate link has generated.

Commission: The commission shows how much in value you have earned by selling subscriptions. By default, it shows the last 60 days of commissions.

Affiliate links: This shows your affiliate links and the commission you receive per affiliate link. If you have questions about your conversions,send an email that includes your affiliate link to

Last 60 days: Curious about your most recent or all-time conversions and commissions? This button lets you see the number of referrals, conversions, and commissions for specific time frames, including today, last 7 days, last 15 days, last 30 days, last 60 days, as well as all-time. You can easily check your growth by looking at different time frames.


Visitors: This section shows how often users clicked on your link. When the user doesn't have an account, but creates an account within 30 days, it will be shown as a referral. When the user has already clicked on someone else's affiliate link or uses anti-tracking software, it won't be shown as a referral.

Referrals: The referrals show how many times people have clicked on all your affiliate links and became linked to your affiliate ID.

Filter traffic: You can select a period and affiliate account to discover which affiliate link your readers clicked on most.


Conversions: Who doesn't want to know what kind of subscriptions have been sold and how much you will receive? The Conversions page is where you can find this information.

At the top, you will find the same statistics shown on the Affiliate account page. It shows the number of conversions and your commissions from the last 60 days. You can also filter to review how much you have earned from different affiliate links and time frames. Keep in mind that there Cryptohopper promotions and that the value of a subscription is slightly lower than the prices shown on the pricing page.

Commission: Show how much your own conversions are worth in USD.

Affiliate payments

The affiliate payments show how much you have earned for promoting Cryptohopper. The final amounts can differ slightly due to refunds. Keep in mind that it takes 4 to 6 weeks before funds will be added to your Cryptohopper balance shown under "Subscriptions". Once you have earned more than $75, you can request a payout. The payouts can be requested twice a month and will be processed on Mondays.

Cryptohopper wants to help you as much as possible with promoting the platform. Therefore, we provide a wide range of banners.

Text links: You can use text links on your website or on other platforms by simply copying and pasting the HTML code.

crypto affiliate program invite friend passive income portfolio management manager free blockfolio delta automated automatic crypto cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum trading bot platform cryptohopper

General banners: General banners are just banners that don't move. We offer banners in all kinds of sizes so that they fit everywhere on your website. You can also simply copy the HTML code and paste it where needed.

Logos: You could use the logos similarly to general banners, or use them for designing your website. Javascript snippets: Not all Content Management Systems (CMS) support HTML banners. Therefore, we have also added some Javascript snippets that also include some Javascript code.

Market Making: We have created a page specifically for the Market Making bot. The Market Making bot needs a Hero Hopper subscription, therefore, it could increase your commissions by promoting this bot type.

HTML5 Banners: The most effective banners are the HTML5 banners. These banners are animated and show multiple features of Cryptohopper over a few seconds. The HTML code can also be copied and pasted where needed.

Affiliate payments: Your funds can be found by clicking on "Subscriptions" in the menu on the left.When funds have been added to your Cryptohopper balance, you will see the "withdraw" button. This button is only visible to affiliates and Marketplace sellers. Fill in the amount you would like to withdraw, choose your payment method, add the necessary payment details and confirm the withdrawal. The pending payments will be executed on Mondays and the minimum withdrawal amount is $75.

Cryptohopper Widgets#

To support affiliates, we have developed a page that includes many different promotional tools, including a Marketcap, Tickers, Labels, Cards, Box, Multicurrency, Lists, News, and a Converter. You can use these tools by clicking on "Get code", and you can preview them by clicking on "Preview".

Marketcap : The Marketcap tab allows you to include a Marketcap table on your website. You can give your Marketcap table a name, select which currencies you want to include or use the option "Show top X currencies". The options are Top 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000. You can determine how many coins you would like to show per page.

You have the option to select and unselect different columns, including Rank, Name, Price, Market Cap, Volume (24h), Supply, Change, Last 24h, and Price (BTC).

Determine which theme you would like to use, there is a Light and Dark mode. Next to the theme, you can select a color for charts. The data of the currencies shown can either be static or change in real-time, and the price format can be adjusted to numbers, symbols, or even text.

Do you target a specific geographic region? You can even determine which currency to display for your selected coins. The last setting of the widget that can be configured is the Affiliate ID. You only have to fill in the numbers of your Affiliate ID. To finish creating your very own Marketcap widget, click on "Get code".

Tickers : Tickers are a small row that shows the current values of cryptocurrencies from right to left.

Choose which currencies you would like to show or select a group of currencies by clicking on the drop down menu under "Show Top X currencies". Determine if you want a small or large ticker design. Most often, tickers are used on top or at the bottom of a website, but you can also select the option "Anywhere". Additionally, you can adjust the speed in which the tickers scroll, choose a theme, and determine the chart, background, and text color. Other configurations are realtime information, logos, round corners, 24h change, Market Price format, currency, and Affiliate ID.

Labels: Labels are relatively small boxes that show the current price of cryptocurrencies. Determine which currencies you would like to show. You can choose between 3 label designs, multiple themes, use a custom background color, and show prices in realtime and in full width on your website. Additionally, you can use squared or rounded corners, choose a price format, and choose in which currencies the values should appear.

Cards: Cards are similar to labels but have a bigger size. The configuration is comparable to labels.

Box: Boxes are similar to labels and cards, but boxes also show the price throughout the day. The configuration is comparable to labels and cards.

Multicurrency: Multicurrency is a similar to the first option, "Marketcap". The main difference is that your reader can choose in what currency (GBP, USD) they would like to see the current value of your selected cryptocurrencies.

Lists: Lists are comparable to the boxes mentioned above, but lists show multiple currencies. The configuration is also similar to boxes. It's recommended to play with several settings to determine how you want to show the lists' currencies.

News: You can now use Cryptohopper's news section on your website! Determine the number of news articles you would like to show, as well as how many words you would like to show.

Converter: Your reader can convert one currency to another. Either choose the coins you want to show or select one of the options under "Show top X currencies". Choose the calculator you would like to show: fiat to crypto, fiat to fiat, or crypto to crypto.

Tips and tricks:#

  • Become a Marketplace Seller and create a Cryptohopper related website
  • Use the CryptoTweeter
  • Use the banners we already created for you
  • Share new posts/videos regularly on multiple platforms, interact with your readers/viewers, and use multiple social media channels,
  • Use updated images/information to increase your trustworthiness
  • Think about SEO
  • Interested in a promotion with Cryptohopper? Share your ideas with us!

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