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Strategy Designer

In this article, we explain what a Strategy Builder is and how it works.

What is a Strategy Builder?#

Cryptohopper's Strategy Builder is a key feature for algorithmic traders that want to automate technical analysis. It allows traders to scan markets using indicators that track trends, volume, momentum, and volatility. By analyzing these indicators together, traders can indicate how the market will move. With automation, you save a lot of time.

How does the Strategy Builder work?#

With the Strategy Builder you choose indicators and candlestick patterns. Your bot will then use these to scan the markets to determine if it's time to buy or sell. Create a strategy and test it so you can see if it needs any tweaks.

The success of your strategy will depend on the combination of indicators and patterns chosen, chart period analyzed, and the tightness of the settings.

The more indicators that need to be met at the same time, the fewer signals your strategy will give. For example, how often does it happen that six indicators are met at the same time?

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