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Baseconfig - General

Configuring your Hopper is one of the most important things you can do since it determines your trading strategy's effectiveness. It may seem challenging, but we're sure you'll get the hang of it very quickly once you get the logic behind it.

The configuration, or config as we call it, is separated into four parts. Baseconfig, Config pools, Signals and Triggers. It's easy. You configure your default settings for your Hopper in the Base config. Do you want separate settings for specific coins? Create a Config Pool with different settings for particular currencies. This will override your default Baseconfig.

You can also configure the signals you follow. These are trading signals sent out by third-party analysts, that your Hopper can trade automatically on. Subscribe to signalers in the marketplace en configure them in the "Signals" section.

Triggers are specific actions that you want your Hopper to make on particular criteria. For example, if you wish your Hopper to stop running at all when Bitcoin goes up 5%, you create a trigger that ensures that for you. This specific setting could be handy if you are trading BTC pairs since you would make a loss if Bitcoin rises too much.

We'll cover the Baseconfig in this chapter of the documentation.

The Base config consists of three parts; General, Buying, and Selling.


In the General settings, you can set the basic elements of your Hopper, exchange connection, notifications upon trades, and more. You can check the trading fees, trading and more of all exchanges here.

Great if you, for example, started with paper trading and now are searching for the place to connect your exchange.

You can adjust the ticker rate as well. The ticker rate is the way CH looks at the chart ticker. This can be set to 3 different ways

Highest bid/Lowest ask | This setting takes the highest bidding rate, and lowest asking rate when placing an order Use last tick if higher lower | This setting takes the last tick, if the last tick is higher than the normal buy/sell rate Always use last tick | This setting takes the price of the last tick, regardless of price fluctuations

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