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Introducing Vantage Triggers

We are excited to announce through teaming with Cryptohopper, VantageCrypto has delivered a fantastic extension to the Cryptohopper platform. We really like how Cryptohopper has made their platform completely extensible via API. Using the Cryptohopper API enabled us to hit the ground running with fast integration into a feature-rich automated trading platform.

Vantage Triggers extends the capabilities of the pre-existing Cryptohopper triggers by adding VantageCrypto orderbook and order flow data integration in an easy to use interface that Cryptohopper users are already familiar with. We offer an array of datasets to define within these triggers, some unique datasets you can't find elsewhere, and others that are late-breaking emerging trading metrics. We also incorporate Vantage Triggers to add some additional functionality to triggers, while also providing all Cryptohopper users with an additional trigger to use for free. You can find a visual representation of this data @

Try Vantage Triggers (Requires Cryptohopper account): Vantage Triggers

If you haven't already, check out Cryptohopper, one of the greatest automated trading platforms for crypto online today: Cryptohopper

If you are not familiar with some of our order book and order flow data sets, we recommend checking out some of our other articles related to some of these data sets.

We have put together a few explainer videos to introduce you to the app and show you how to configure triggers, how these triggers are processed and other accommodating feature sets.

If you still have questions or experience any issues using Vantage Triggers, please reach out to VantageCrypto support and put in a ticket. Open a new ticket.

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