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About Cryptwire

Cryptwire is an analytics and bot optimisation platform for Cryptohopper. We provide you with insights into your Hopper's performance with our multi-hopper dashboards and advanced trading history views.

About the team#

We're a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that believe in the change cryptocurrencies will bring to everyone's daily lives, whether that is by trading, developing or by using it as real world currencies.

We like to see people do well in the space and put all our effort into making that happen. Our goal with Cryptwire is to help you optimise your bot and see better performance and return on investment.

Join us#

You can use Cryptwire for free (requires Cryptohopper account) by signing up here.


Need help by email? Contact us on or talk directly with our development team on Discord

cryptwire dashboard

Top Features#

  1. Multi-hopper dashboard Combine your hoppers into a single view with various profit/loss metrics. Different quote currencies? No problem, we'll display your overview in USDT

  2. Outperforming Bitcoin? With our cumulative PNL view you can track how your hoppers are performing vs Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole

  3. Performance log Throw away those spreadsheets. We take a snapshot of your hoppers daily and allow for Excel download

Quick help#

I have multiple Hoppers, is that supported?

Yes, you can have as many Hoppers (paper and non-paper) as your Cryptohopper subscriptions allow. We have no limits on the amount of Hoppers you can have.

I have multiple Hoppers on one exchange account, is that supported?

Yes, that is supported. We offer multiple ways to calculate your balance and performance for multi-hopper setups.

What does the service cost?

We have a plan that will always be free. We will be launching paid plans in future, you can find out more about pricing here

Support links#

Understanding Your Hopper Dashboard

Exploring Your Open Positions And Trade History

Importing Your Hopper's Trade History

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