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Cryptohopper TradingView WebHooks

TradingView & Cryptohopper#

With the TradingView Chrome extension, you can send signals to your hoppers with TradingView Alerts by using WebHooks. The TradingView Alert Extension works with all Hopper subscriptions, including the free Pioneer subscription! The only things you need are a Cryptohopper and a paid TradingView account.

The first step is to download the extension for Chrome: click here to do so .

You will be directed to the Chrome Apps Store, where you’ll have the option to download the Cryptohopper TradingView Extension.

If you already used the TradingView Extension, please update it to the newest version by pasting the following link in Chrome and press enter: chrome://extensions/?id=feomilnenlfplgdlehkecmcbfjedoomd

Next, enable "Developer mode" in the upper right corner of your screen and click on "Update".

The Cryptohopper TradingView Extension has now been added to your browser. If you don't see it yet in the upper right corner, click on the puzzle symbol and click on the pin to always see it. Click on the Cryptohopper TradingView Extension Symbol and click on "Settings".

A new page will pop-up; this is your alert extension dashboard. The UI should feel familiar, as it uses the same style CH does! Click on Connect with Cryptohopper and fill in your Username and Password (we will not be able to read out your password, but it is a necessary step). Hard refresh your browser by clicking on "Ctrl + F5" on Windows, "Command + Option + 5" on Mac, or the refresh button in the upper left corner of Chrome. If you look into the lower-left corner, you should now see a green dot next to Cryptohopper.

We're now going to configure our first TradingView signal! Scroll down to "Alert Generator". Select the Hopper template that should receive the signal, type for which coin the signal should be, determine whether it should be a buy or sell, and choose between Limit and Market orders. These are the available parameters to work with on Cryptohopper. Features such as Stop-loss and Trailing Stop-loss can't be used in the Alerts.

Click on "generate" and copy the text shown.

Go to TradingView and click on the clock symbol in the upper right corner. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can use multiple Alerts at the same time.

You will now see many options you can choose from to generate a signal. It's necessary to select the option "WebHook URL". After selecting this option, a text field will appear in which you have to paste the WebHook URL shown in the Cryptohopper TradingView Extension. It's essential to configure how often the Hopper is allowed to open new positions, it's either "Once" or "Every time". Keep in mind that when you have selected "Every time", the Hopper will also overrule your base config settings regarding "Max open positions" and "Max open positions per coin".

Once configured, you have to wait till the requirements of your Alert have been met. Once the requirements have been met, you will see a message in your Hopper output "Received TradingView Alert, forwarding BUY order for BTC to API". The hopper output will also mention the reasons why the hopper didn't buy or sell a specific coin. In the example above, the minimum buy order amount is too small to open a new position.

It's easy to configure the Cryptohopper TradingView Alert Extension. Download it here for free.

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